Children of Morta ancient spirits

Publisher 11 bit studios just dropped a free update for Children of Morta that you can download on your Switch right now, and additionally announced paid DLC titled Ancient Spirits. Today’s free update adds Consecration, an additional objective for the game’s Family Trials combat mode. The update also adds support for two new languages: Japanese and Persian, including Japanese narration by Takaya Hashi (who has previously worked on Naruto and Sailor Moon).

As for Ancient Spirits, 11 bit clarified the new content a little bit, but left a lot to the imagination. Essentially, the DLC will add a new playable character. Here is how 11 bit described the addition:

Parallel, albeit distinct lives, can sometimes bond and start a new life, resembling both of their natures. It all becomes clear with the arrival of a warrior with two spirits. This new character expands the established party of available warriors and is playable within the Family Trials mode. This newcomer’s combat mastery and unique playstyle cannot be compared with the skills of anyone else in these lands.

While sparing on gameplay details, 11 bit did, however, give us a release date. You will be able to play Ancient Spirits in Children of Morta on October 7, with nothing but a light $4.99 price tag in your way.

Source: PR

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