Chinatown Detective Agency Nintendo Switch General Interactive Co. Carmen Sandiego 2032 Singapore point and click futuristic mystery adventure

Developer General Interactive Co. has announced that Chinatown Detective Agency is coming “soon” to Nintendo Switch in addition to PC. This point-and-click mystery adventure is inspired by the old Carmen Sandiego games but mixes things up by being set in 2032 Singapore (and elsewhere in the world), after the world economy has crashed. You play as Amira Darma, a strapped-for-cash private investigator who will end up unraveling a global conspiracy if you play the game properly.

The “rich cybernoir future” aesthetic of Chinatown Detective Agency is inspired by Blade Runner, The Da Vinci Code, and Black Mirror, so everything looks simultaneously alluring and a little dangerous. It’s up to you to decide how Amira explores for clues, and “time is a precious resource.” However, over the course of the game, you will build a network of contacts and potentially hire staff, which will help your investigation but also add the complication of keeping your business running smoothly.

Hammering home the Carmen Sandiego connection, Chinatown Detective Agency on Switch will have you perform “real-world research and investigation to solve puzzles and uncover leads, and manage your time and money to solve cases from clients both well-intentioned and nefarious.” If that sounds like fun to you, then keep an eye out for a final release date as the summer progresses.

And if Chinatown Detective Agency has your attention, then you should probably keep watch of a similarly flavored adventure in the works for Nintendo Switch, Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER.


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