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In 2016, The Pokémon Company teamed up with Niantic to launch a mobile game. Pokémon GO had an incredible launch and quickly became one of the most lucrative mobile games ever made. It looks like they’re hoping to launch another mega-hit soon, and they’re turning to a powerful, new partner to make it happen. This new Pokémon game will be developed by a subsidiary of Tencent. This Chinese company was once the biggest publisher in its home country, but their reach has grown even stronger in recent years. Tencent is now the biggest video game publisher in the whole world. And now they have a shot at one of the most popular franchises of all time.

Tencent tackles Pokémon

Little is know about this upcoming Pokémon game. Officially, we don’t even know what platform it’s targeting. However, we do know that Tencent’s Timi studio will be handling development. They’re best known for making mobile games. Their past work includes Arena of Valor, the highest-grossing game in the world. Timi has also developed mobile versions of both PUBG and Call of Duty. Based on this history, it seems extremely likely that this Pokémon project will also be a mobile game.

Unfortunately, we don’t know anything else at this time. That said, the relationship with Tencent is interesting. Nintendo is also partnering with them to bring the Switch to China. Nintendo own’s around one-third of The Pokémon Company, so it’s a sensible fit. If anyone can help popularize these Western brands in China, it’s Tencent. Hopefully we’ll hear more about this partnership soon.


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