Nintendo held a new Chotto direct this morning in Japan where they discussed Dillon’s sequel as well as a new AR Card Range…

The first game shown this morning was Dillon’s Rolling Western: The Last Ranger. The short clip of footage shown highlighted the new characters that will join Dillon whilst protecting the town. Each time Dillon enters one of the fights, once of these characters can join him, during the trailer a lizard holding two pistols, a bear with a golden shotgun, and an Octopus with a sniper rifle were all shown.The trailer then went on to show the new gameplay addition of a train you will be tasked to protect at the same time as the town.

The game will launch on the Japanese 3DS eShop on April 10th for 2000Y. Nintendo will also make download cards available in stores.


The next game to be shown was Freakyforms Deluxe which has yet to be released in Japan. The trailer featured the usual gameplay but Nintendo chose to create a toad, but give it really long legs – the stuff nightmares are made of!

Freakyforms Deluxe will also be released on April 10th but for just 1200Y. Nintendo also plan to release a download card in stores for this.


Nintendo then went on to debut a new range of prepaid points cards which feature AR functionality. These will be based on Mario characters and work with an App called Isshoni Photo (Take a Picture Together). This app was created by EAD Tokyo (the team behind Super Mario Galaxy 1&2, Super Mario 3D Land and the upcoming 3D Mario game heading to Wii U). The packaging the prepaid card comes in will feature a QR code to instantly download the software from the eShop.

Unlike previous AR cards, you will be able to store the AR character on the top screen and transport it away from the card to be able to take a photo anywhere you want. If you use more than one card at once the characters can interact, during the video Mario was able to jump on an incoming Goomba, and he also jumped with surprise when toad jumped out of a warp pipe.


The cards will come in the following denominations…

  • 1000 Y – Goomba
  • 1000Y – Koopa
  • 2000 Y – Mario
  • 2000 Y – Luigi
  • 3000 Y – Peach
  • 3000 Y – Bowser

This cards will be available in stores on April 24th.


Iwata then went on to discuss a new promotional campaign for Japan. If you purchase and download a first party game via the eShop, you will be prompted to fill in a questionnaire. Upon completion you will be rewarded with a 500 Y points card.

This promotion will run between April 1st and May 6th 2013.


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