Bounce your way to victory

Dahku Creations has today announced that their new platforming title called \”Chubbins\” will hop into the Wii U eShop pretty soon. The game is already available in the Apple App Store and has has recently been completed for Wii U and sent off to Nintendo for approval. If everything goes according to plan, you can expect a June release with a price point of $5.99.

Check out the official Wii U eShop trailer below:


Chubbins seeks to deliver a fun adventure that delivers equipped with the intensity of a classic platformor, of course without all the rigidness that came with games from that time. Player will be tasked with guiding our Chubbins, our plump bunny hero, to safely through fourty levels across five worlds that are expected to increase in challenge.

The controls only ask you to move right and left, but it’s not as simple as it may seem. Chubbins never stops bouncing so to keep every situation dynamic and making for interesting gameplay scenarios.

Other modes where you can set new records include Soft and Hard Mode as well as Time Attack.


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