Claim your free 5-star Byleth in Fire Emblem Heroes right now


Between now and June 29, it’s possible to get a free 5-star Byleth: Tested Professor for Fire Emblem Heroes as long as you own or buy Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This is part of a promotion that was announced by the official Fire Emblem Twitter account. That said, there’s no explanation as to why this cross-promotion is being held, apart from the fact these are both Fire Emblem games.

In order to claim your 5-star Byleth, you need to have first purchased Fire Emblem: Three Houses with the same account that you own Fire Emblem Heroes on. Then you need to make sure that your account is being shown in Fire Emblem Heroes. It won’t work if you’re using another person’s account, such as your child’s.

The way that the promotion works is by tracking the Gold Points earned for the purchase of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. If you purchased the game physically, then you’ll need to redeem the code that came with it in order to get your bonus. If you purchased the digital version of the game, though, those Gold Points should automatically be tied to your account. It can take several days for your Byleth to appear as a gift in Fire Emblem Heroes, so be patient and keep logging on every day to make sure you get them.

A similar promotion was held in Fire Emblem Heroes last year. This was a Summoning Focus event that saw four new characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses cross over into the game just after it had launched.


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