Clockwork Aquario teaser trailer

Do you recall Clockwork Aquario? We reported on it last year, explaining it was an unfinished arcade game granted a new life on Nintendo Switch. News about a physical edition from Strictly Limited Games soon followed. But what kind of gameplay can we expect from the lost title? Thankfully, the people behind the physical launch for Clockwork Aquario have provided a teaser trailer to whet gamers’ appetites.

This teaser trailer for Clockwork Aquario isn’t much, but it still brings the excitement

Check out some small snippets of the game below:

For something that is almost 30 years old, Clockwork Aquario doesn’t look dated. That’s the timelessness of sprite work for you.

I love hearing stories like this. Granted, it sucks it took so many years for Clockwork Aquario to come to fruition. However, I’m glad it is seeing the light of day instead of being lost to time forever.

Incredibly, you can still pre-order the physical edition from Strictly Limited. Unfortunately, the vanilla version of the Switch variant is sold out. There is still the Collector’s Edition ($82.99) and Ultra Collector’s Edition ($153.99) available for purchase, though.

Clockwork Aquario will be releasing Q2/2021 for Nintendo Switch, in both digital and physical formats. Are there any enthusiasts out there itching to get their hands on this miracle story? Let us know below.

[Source: PR]

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