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We have ourselves an ongoing saga now! Square Enix recently registered trademarks for Final Fantasy Adventure, Mystic Quest, and Secret of Mana in Europe, followed by registering Final Fantasy Adventure and Secret of Mana in the United States. All signs have pointed to some kind of Mana collection releasing internationally, especially since Seiken Densetsu Collection (containing the first three¬†Mana games) released exclusively in Japan two years ago. And now, finally, a trademark has been registered for “Collection of Mana” — in Japan.

What makes this so weird, among other things, is that the games are only known as the Mana series internationally. Domestically, the series is referred to foremost as Seiken Densetsu, though the word “Mana” still appears in nearly every game title. The other obviously weird thing here is that “Collection of Mana” is something we would expect to get trademarked everywhere but Japan, since international fans are all expecting a collection announcement at this point.

So what’s going on here? We have no clue. But we’re excited to get the answers. Tell us your theories in the comments!


John Friscia
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