Collidalot Switch

Collidalot is an extreme combination of rail-grinding and bumper cars. This over-the-top, top-down (over-the-top-down?) multiplayer game has you steer around a packed track and slam other players into the sky. A combination of painting mechanics, boosts, and some special attacks invite a wide range of strategies for combat and traversal. Through everything, though, you maintain a simple objective–ram into everyone else and launch ’em off the screen, Smash Bros. style. While there are a couple different modes, eighteen maps, and customization options available, there really is not much more than that to Collidalot. The end result, however, is a stylish, colorful, and decidedly unique multiplayer destruction derby.

Collidalot does not masquerade as anything other than its core identity–a high octane, heart-thumping multiplayer experience. This holds true for the game’s two main modes, which involve fighting to the death or painting as much of the track as possible. Painting is a lot of fun, especially with four players. There’s something special about hopping rails and slamming into each other while covering the stage Splatoon style.

Collidalot Switch

Gameplay is quite fun, but it does take a few rounds to get used to. There is a helpful tutorial, but it is hardly a substitute for just playing a few matches and crafting a strategy that works for you. For a game that conceptually boils down to bumper cars, there are a lot of special attack meters, different abilities, and hazards to keep track of. Boosting, for example, lets you gain speed and knock enemies off the rails. Paint can be charged up as a deadly bomb for when someone gets too close. You also have special attacks. Each car has a unique blast ripe for terrorizing enemies to go with a devastating ranged attack. On top of all this, you can choose whether or not to grip rails while boosting, which determines how tight and fast you take turns. For the direst situations, you can literally launch yourself off of the rails and float elsewhere on the map. There are a slew of different abilities to juggle at once, and it’s especially challenging when you’re zooming around with everyone trying to kill you, but once everything comes together, it is a lot of fun.

Collidalot Switch

Collidalot’s lack of content holds it back for now, but that may not be the case for long. The game’s Nintendo store page claims that more content is coming, though it does not yield specifics. As is, though, you have to bank on liking the core gameplay for Collidalot to be worth your while. That’s a pretty safe bet.

Collidalot is fast, easy to pick up, and hard to put down. The Switch’s local multiplayer catalog is growing rapidly, but Collidalot’s take on bumper-cars-in-the-sky sticks out. Collidalot is cemented as a great complement for games like Towerfall, Ultimate Chicken Horse, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Grunka Munka has done a great job here, creating another unique, memorable Switch multiplayer title.

Collidalot Switch

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: Nov 09, 2018
No. of Players: up to 4 players
Category: Multiplayer, Action, Fighting, Party
Publisher: Grunka Munka
Developer: Grunka Munka Games

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Overall Score



  • Chaotic bumper car action
  • Unique paint mode
  • 18 different maps


  • Hard to get used to
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