Now for your moment of Zen

Video games usually are a tense situation where a gamer must focus on how to stay alive, get a high score, or how to dominate the game. Color Zen is not that type of game however. A relaxing experience where there are no penalties for doing something wrong, and the game promotes itself on being a game where you put your headphones on and move through a colorful world at your own pace.

The game offers an impressive 460 puzzles to solve, but there isn\’t an emphasis on difficulty. The focus is on relaxing the player. How will a game like this work on the Wii U? We will find out on May 15th. For now, enjoy the trailer that was released for the Android version of the game, and see if your world will have some Color Zen added to it.


Shawn Long
Our favorite youtuber ever, and long-time founding member of our family of sites. The "crass" from our Class vs. Crass podcast


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