The team at Collecting Smiles recently got the Kickstarter for Colors Live off the ground a few weeks ago. This is the third entry in the studio’s Colors series, which originally got its start on the Nintendo DS. With this new art application, it will possess new features and functionality, along with a brand-new peripheral—the SonarPen (a stylus)—to make the drawing experience even more professional.

Colors Live hit Kickstarter with a goal of only $16,334. But now, as of the time of writing, the project has raised a whopping $123,569. There is still four days left to go, so this number is highly likely to be increased by the time the Kickstarter ends.

When can we get it?

But, of course, the big question is—when will people actually get their hands on it? Jens Andersson, the creator of Colors, recently had an interview with Sudomemo. He was asked a variety of questions about Colors Live, but one of them in particular was related to the app’s release. Andersson has stated that the team wants the SonarPen stylus to be shipped out “in time for the eShop release of Colors Live.” He does allude to the coronavirus pandemic having an effect on the scheduling, but did mention that the team is still planning for a “summer release.” Guess that means we should expect it anytime before the end of August, if not sometime in September at the latest. Pricing for both Colors Live and the SonarPen will be $39 (including shipping). Though, a price for the standalone eShop app has not yet been mentioned.

Another little tidbit from this interview is that Andersson and his team got “a lot of requests” to port Colors over to the Switch. However, their main impetus for this new version was to introduce the new SonarPen. It will be interesting to see how much of an effect it has on the experience compared to a traditional stylus (which the Switch does support).


A.K Rahming
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