Love retro gaming? Love Nintendo? Love the Switch? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Are you wanting to spruce up your Joy-Con or Pro Controller? Well, Colorware has introduced some of the slickest custom controllers; but they come at quite the price.

These “8-Bit” products from Colorware have that classic NES color scheme of grey, black, and red, and look to be very high quality. There’s a Pro Controller variant, and a Joy-Con variant as well, so you can deck out your controllers in grorious fashion.

Now comes the hard part: the price. The Pro Controller comes in at a hefty price of $189. The Joy-Cons? $199. Only big ballers with expendable income will pick this up, but it’s still fun to window shop right?

Shawn Long
Our favorite youtuber ever, and long-time founding member of our family of sites. The "crass" from our Class vs. Crass podcast


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