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Round 1 is over and after 70 voters lay down the law the winners emerged. There weren\’t any shockers, really, because the point of the first round was to strip away the fat from the meat. (I\’ve never heard of that expression before and its really odd, if I do say so myself.) The CD-i games all lost to their competition, although some suspiciously sneaky users decided to vote for them. (Over Ocarina of Time, mind you.) Elsewhere, the lil ol\’ Game Boy game, Link’s Awakening, puffed its chest out at the original Legend of Zelda. Phantom Hourglass swept aside Zelda II, which Zelda traditionalists will tell you is pure blasphemy. And in all other instances, handheld Zeldas were demolished by their console brethren. Disclaimer: The Oracle games rock, despite the voting in this tournament.

In Round 2, get ready for tougher competition. The two N64 Zeldas head off. The true Majora’s Mask fans will have a chance to make their mark. Then two Gamecube Zeldas face off against each other. Did you go more for Wind Waker’s charming looks or Twilight Princess\’ maturity and depth? Two awesome retro Zeldas also challenge each other as the masterpiece Link to the Past and the classic Link’s Awakening get at each others\’ throats. And finally, Skyward Sword goes up against Phantom Hourglass. Um. Not much to say here. Well, whatever you vote remember to comment below with your reasoning. Consider this a Best Zelda Think-Tank. We\’re looking for a discussion.

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