Welcome to Nintendo Enthusiast’s first Community Tournament! Seeing as Skyward Sword was just released and most Nintendo enthusiasts have already gotten their paws dirty with it, we realized that the title of \”Best Zelda Game of All Time\” is up for debate all over again. It seems perfect timing for a tournament dealing with that very subject. There will be four rounds and, as always, the first round is about weeding out the lesser players from their more \”significant others.\” Less tough choices to make, less emotional distress. But just you wait! The tournament structure has been set up in a certain way that will ensure the toughest competition will come out in the final rounds. If for some reason you feel it’s too hard to vote in a particular match-up you may skip it and complete the rest. Please respect the other voters so…  be sure to impose your opinions on them and sound off in the comments below with all your brilliant logic and reasoning! Tell them why Zelda II is misunderstood. Or why Majora’s Mask is the best Zelda that ever existed. Or why Wind Waker is better than Twilight Princess, etc., etc.

It’s up to you to decide which Zelda will reign supreme as Best Zelda Game of All Time.


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