Holy smokes, guys: Persona 5‘s Joker is heading to Smash Bros. Ultimate. Hold on: Persona 5 is a PS4 game, and isn’t on Switch. However, a recent rumor points to an enhanced port of the title hitting Nintendo’s hybrid. Let the conjecture begin!

It makes sense, really

Twitter user MysticDistance dropped some hints on the platform regarding Persona 5 potentially launching on Switch, as well as teasing information on the port’s title:

MysticDistance is referring to two domain names they have mentioned before: and might mean Persona 5 Ultimate, while could be Persona 5 Reloaded.

Here, MysticDistance is trying their best not to get sued for leaking information. It doesn’t take a genius to deduce the new title is going to be either Ultimate or Reloaded.

Oh, alright, MysticDistance. Just coming right out and saying it. I hope you are safe from lawsuits.

It looks like there is a possibility Persona 5 is Switch-bound under the new banner Persona 5 Reloaded. This rumor would make a ton of sense, if true. Most of Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s combatants have been on a Nintendo platform in some shape or form. Having Joker’s main adventure on Switch would go a long way in introducing fans to the character. Also, Persona 5 is an excellent game. The more people that get a chance to experience it, the better.

What do you lovely readers think? Will Persona 5 see the light of day on Switch? Is an enhanced port imminent? Let us know your thoughts on this conjecture below!

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