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Sega and Nintendo look like they have a respectable relationship nowadays. However, this wasn’t always the case. In fact, a novel titled Console Wars was written back in 2014 by author Blake J. Harris. It provided a concise history of the companies’ rivalry. This book is now being made into a TV series by Legendary Entertainment.

A feud gamers still discuss today

For those who did not read Console Wars, it is basically about Sega and Nintendo vying for market leadership during the ’90s. The plot centers around former Sega of America CEO Tom Kalinske and the struggles that occurred between the US and Japanese branches of Sega. People who were a part of the industry during the time provided information via interviews for the novel.

Humans hate reading nowadays, though, so Console Wars is making the transition to the small screen. Jordan Vogt-Roberts (who is helming the Metal Gear Solid film adaptation and filmed Kong: Skull Island) is directing and Mike Rosolio of American Vandal fame is writing the pilot. Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and James Weaver are set to be executive producers.

No time frame has been given for when this series is airing or even what platforms it will be available on. One thing we do know is that the show is being billed as a “limited drama.” I lived through the Sega/Nintendo feud, and let me tell you, the drama was anything but limited.

I’m a huge fan of Nintendo. Always have been and always will be. However, I also adored the underdog Sega Genesis. In fact, I was lucky enough to own both a Genesis and a SNES. If you asked me to pick a favorite, I’d have a hard time deciding (but the SNES is better).

How about you, fellow gamers? Did you live through the console wars? Excited to see it become a TV drama? Let us know down below!

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