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Enter our contest for your chance to win a Switch copy of wacky party game Chapeau

We’ve got Switch copies of madcap multiplayer game Chapeau up for grabs in today’s contest!

You guys know I love weird games, quirky concepts, and strange executions. They’re my bread and butter. So when a competitive multiplayer game centering around players being hats hits my desk, I’m going to take notice. I have an MO, for sure.

And this flips all the switches for me. Chapeau is a wacky party game where you play as a hat. A hat. Several hats, really. We’ve got some Switch copies to give away, so come win one!


I’ll give y’all some press info because I think the devs need to speak for themselves.

In Chapeau, the spirit of local co-op is alive, and it’s haunting hilarious headwear! Players can go head-to-head with their friends in frantic Versus mode or try working together in cap-tivating local multiplayer modes. They can even fly solo in Challenge mode to unlock new hats and maps!

Players must bounce, float and zoom through the air and land on people’s heads to score points. Use jetpacks, dogs, shields…anything you can do to get a-Head of the competition and master the playstyle of each headpiece!

  • Play on the couch with up to 4 players in local split-screen
  • Play in Versus to take down friends, or Co-op to team up and hat together!
  • Find the perfect fit with different hats to match both your style and your playstyle
  • Use items like jetpacks, dogs or even comets to sabotage your opponents and stay a step ahead in the ever-changing dynamic playfields
  • Compete in the modes The Floor is Lava, Color Craze, and Where is Whilhelm
  • Test your skills in Challenge Mode to unlock a host of new hats and maps!
  • Unlock and collect all the funny hats and skins

I’m serious: If you choose the fedora, I’m revoking your game key. And any other wins you may have garnered during my tenure as Community Manager.

How To Win

To enter to win, use the widget below to leave your name and email address. You can enter daily. For bonus entries, do all the silly stuff in the widget. We’re all kinda bored anyway, right?

We have five Switch NA keys to give away; winners will be drawn Monday, April 6.

Chapeau is available now on the Switch eShop.

NE Contest: Tip your hat to a Switch copy of hat-hopping multiplayer game Chapeau

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I am Wes, and I like tacos. Community Manager for Enthusiast Gaming. Inventor of three different types of cheeses.


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