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The original Super Mario Bros. is a landmark title. Without it, video games wouldn’t exist today. Gamers who grew up with one of the NES’ launch titles can tell you fondly of their first Goomba, super jump, and death. Running out of lives was a common occurrence, which lead to the dreaded Game Over screen. No matter how far Mario made it to Princess Toadstool’s location, restarting always booted one back to the beginning of the game. Unless you knew of a special continue trick.

I can’t believe I didn’t know about this continue trick for so long

Twitter user @Clammylizard used the social media platform to spread this important message:

Um, excuse me? Are you telling me I could have had an easier time completing SMB? On a system known for games with brutal difficulty? My childhood could have been vastly improved knowing this information! That’s precious time I’ll never be able to get back!

I’m sure younger gamers probably played Super Mario Bros. on an emulator or NES Classic or Switch Online. All those methods of play include save states, so players never knew of the hardship older users had completing the title. I mean, we could always use Warp Pipes. But that’s cheating.

Enthusiasts, did you know of this Super Mario Bros. continue trick? If so, when were you enlightened? Let us know below!

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