Contra: Rogue Corps demo available now to give boredom a beatdown

For the first time since 2011, you can get your hands on a brand new Contra game. Contra: Rogue Corps‘ demo released today for the Switch, letting you try the game before its full release on Sept. 24. The game will also be releasing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The demo plops you right in as Kaiser, a well-muscled man with a well-muscled cybernetic arm. A small tutorial section gets you acquainted before transitioning to full-on run-and-gun action. The demo has you fighting turrets, zombies, and a miniboss while doing some light platforming in the process.

The demo can be completed in around 15 minutes or so and serves mostly as a teaser to attract your interest. My favorite part of the demo is the very end. A giant skeleton wearing shoulder-mounted cannons shows up and tries to use a train to whip you. Unfortunately, that’s where it cuts to black, rolling a trailer to convince you to buy the game.

Contra: Rogue Corps takes a departure from classic Contra style. Rather than a 2D sidescroller, Rogue Corps is an isometric twin-stick shooter. The full game will feature four playable characters (the other three looking much more interesting than Kaiser, in my opinion) and will have four-player co-op. Customizable guns are also shown off in the trailer, showing that this will be more than just an arcadey shooter.

What did you think of the demo? If you need a second opinion, you should check out John Friscia’s impressions from the E3 build of Contra: Rogue Corps.


Cody Morris
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