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The Cooking Mama franchise’s upcoming return will feature a vegetarian option for those who chose to abstain from meat-based gameplay. Naturally, this was happy news for like-minded gamers, but this move also gained the attention of the infamous PETA. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals made gaming headlines several times before; the animal rights group gained infamy with parodies of Pokémon, Super Mario Bros, and (of course) Cooking Mama.

PETA often uses its platform to criticize games that go against their animal rights message. However, this time they’re praising Cooking Mama: Cookstar with a “Proggy Award”. Go Nintendo released a PR email from the organization, detailing the award in length:

Cincinnati — A Proggy Award (“Proggy” is for “progress”) is on its way from PETA to Planet Digital Partners in honor of its upcoming Cooking Mama: Cookstar game, which will include a “vegetarian mode” featuring 90 different meat-free recipes. The vegetarian option is a first for the Cooking Mama series. Previous Cooking Mama games required players to “cook” digital animal flesh—prompting a 2008 PETA parody game called Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals, which garnered 10 million page views (and led to 2 million views of video footage of turkeys being abused and killed in the meat industry).

Cooking Mama‘s ‘vegetarian mode’ is sure to be a hit with the huge population of gamers who are committed to choosing kindness over cruelty,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “PETA is honoring Planet Digital Partners for showing other game publishers how to create great games that align with players’ values.”

Don’t let your hate of PETA put you off veggies

Now, I won’t get into PETA’s politics, but I know this will leave Cooking Mama fans with mixed feelings. I have been considering vegetarianism myself lately! With that, I think it’s cool to see options like this tactfully implemented in a cooking game. Similar games nowadays are including vegetarian options more and more. I don’t think it makes much of a difference most of the time; despite that, it really is a nice detail to include for vegan and vegetarian gamers.

Is Cooking Mama: Cookstar going vegetarian making you consider getting the game? Let us know below.


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