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The PS4 title, Dreams, is turning out to be an awesome game where players can create impressive user-created levels. Gamers are given an unprecedented amount of freedom to make their innermost desires come to life. Of course, this privilege extends to things like copyrighted Nintendo IP, since the world is your oyster in Dreams. Not everyone is happy about that, though. Especially the Big N itself, who are now asking Sony to remove these stages.

Copyrighted Nintendo IP should belong to the people in this circumstance

This news hit the internet by way of Dreams content creator, @Piece_of_Craft. They had created a Mario-themed stage in the title, which led to the following message in-game:

The communication then led to an email from Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. In it, the company stated Nintendo had asked for the removal.

This is unfortunate for two reasons. One, it shows Nintendo is VERY protective of its patents. So much so, it would go after the gaming community for just having a bit of fun in a video game designed to provide as much freedom of expression as possible.

Two, this could have a snowball effect. Maybe other companies will react to this moderation in the same way as Nintendo. If that happens, Dreams will lose a bit of its magic, since a lot of users are being creative with existing properties. Regardless, there is still a ton of fascinating original content in the game.

Enthusiasts, do you think the Big N is in the right here? Have you created any worlds in Dreams with copyrighted Nintendo IP? Let us know in the comments.

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