The latest issues of Japanese print magazine CoroCoro have announced plans to reveal fresh new details about two brand new games in the Yokai Watch series. The first of the new games is as you would expect Yokai Watch 3, the third installment in the main series following in the hugely successful Yokai Watch 2. The second game is known as Yokai Busters which was originally a mini-game first devised in the second game. This new spin-off will allow up to four players to team up to take down bosses together.

No concrete release date or platform information about either title is currently available, but it would be safe to expect that both titles will see a Nintendo 3DS release in Japan. Level 5 have already announced plans to bring the series to the western market in the 2015-2016 financial year. It remains to be seen if this will be a localization of the first title, or if the first one will be skipped in favor of the vastly superior second version.

Stay tuned to Nintendo Enthusiast for more information as it breaks.


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