Pokémon GO Team GO Rocket corrupted files new enemies

A couple days ago, the Pokémon Secret Club website was overrun with Krabby. Then the other day, the Pokémon GO social media accounts reported that Professor Willow found corrupted files on his hard drive. Now we get a glimpse at what that could mean for the mobile game, as the various Pokémon series continue to erode the boundaries between the real world and the one where pocket monsters are real. Team GO Rocket’s back, Grunts!

Pokémon GO Team GO Rocket corrupted files new enemies Pokémon GO Team GO Rocket corrupted files new enemies

We’re treated to three images from the corrupted files, speculated to be remnants from Team GO Rocket’s takeover back in July. It looks like we’ll be getting Admins soon. These would be stronger trainers who would put up a greater challenge than the Grunts that are more commonly seen. What this means for the game remains to be seen, as Niantic likes to let fans speculate.

Personally, I love the alternate reality game supplements to Pokémon GO, an app which is already an ARG itself. Professor Willow’s “corrupted files,” silly as they are, lend an air of real-time development for fans following along on social media. It makes playing Pokémon GO feel more like you’re catching monsters in real life, rather than playing a mobile game. Their work with Ingress in this regard was excellent, and it’s great to see that creativity carry over.

Are you excited for new Team GO Rocket content? Were you hoping the corrupted files were something else? Did you get passed up for a promotion to Admin? Let us know!

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