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Art is often a collaborative effort, and for a franchise as massive as Pokémon, it’s collaborative by necessity. Japanese artist Hitoshi Ariga has revealed on Twitter that he is the one who designed popular new Pokémon Sword and Shield critter Corviknight, as well as some other Pokémon that are yet undisclosed to avoid game spoilers. Ariga has worked on the series in various capacities before, including contributing Pokémon designs to X and Y and providing illustrations for Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Outside of this game franchise, Hitoshi Ariga is well known as the author of the manga Mega Man Megamix and Mega Man Gigamix, unique but overall faithful adaptations of games in the Mega Man classic series. They’re personal favorites of mine, the kinds of dynamic and imaginative stories about the character I’d always wanted to read as a kid. Additionally, Ariga authored the manga adaptation of The Big O.

The art director for Pokémon Sword and Shield is James Turner, who is active on Twitter, sharing colorful Nintendo illustrations that are and are not related to Pokémon.

Did you pick up Pokémon Sword or Shield today, and if so, are you enjoying it? (Or maybe you grabbed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order instead?) Let us know!


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