Covert Dock

Genki has Kickstarted a miniature portable dock for the Switch that brings a lot to the table. The Covert Dock is the size of a charging brick, and more importantly, it is built to avoid the third-party dock deficiencies that have bricked so many consoles in the past. It also has extensive USB-C support for multiple devices. The project reached its $50,000 goal on Kickstarter almost immediately and has raised $237,895 in donations at the time of this post.

Thanks to substantial efficiency gains from Gallium Nitride technology, the Covert Dock is seriously small. Clocking in at 10% of the size of the original dock, it fits in your pocket easily. In fact, the Cover Dock is 22% smaller than the AC adapter that comes packed in with the original Switch. To completely minimize the size (and maximize the portability), Genki’s dock even has foldable prongs.

The Covert Dock also has charging capabilities: it works on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The USB 3.1 charging port also doubles as a connector port for accessories like wired controllers, ethernet adaptors, and third party controllers.

The Covert Dock looks seriously impressive–it is no wonder that it has blown past its main goal already. To back the project yourself, or to learn more about how it achieves so much–including charging, not bricking systems, and being tiny as heck–you can read the in-depth overview on its Kickstarter page.

Andrew Rockett
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