The Nintendo Switch is just one month away and there are still aspects to learn about it, but thanks to ARM we can remove one mystery from the list: the CPU of the system.

In an old article shared by the company’s official Facebook page a couple of hours ago, it is covered that the Nintendo Switch uses 4x ARM Cortex-A57 at 1020 MHz at all times, fitting with the description of the technology used by the Nvidia’s Tegra X1. As the latter runs at 2GHz, it is obvious that it will be undercloked for the system. The same is being used by the SHIELD Android TV, which features a Maxwell-based 256 core GPU running at 1000 MHz.

It may sound under powered by home console standards but unlike the Nvidia Shield, the Nintendo Switch will be fully optimized for games as it won’t be using Android as its operative system. An evidence of this is that the Switch is able to run ports of Wii U games with ease.

Update: ARM has deleted their post from their Facebook account. You can see below a screenshot:

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