Matt Thorson is a busy guy. The creator of the impressive indie Celeste, which has massive upcoming DLC, is no stranger to designing things. Somehow, he has created some Super Mario Maker 2 courses in his spare time. Mr. Thorson decided to share the fruits of his labor with fans via Twitter.

A creator has to keep busy creating

Here is a thread of Tweets that document some of Matt’s stages:

Gamers have already uploaded footage of their attempts at these creations on YouTube.

Here’s Shacknews showcasing Banzai Bounce:

As you can see, one must literally bounce on Banzai Bills in order to conquer the stage. Nothing too fancy but a nice quick diversion while taking a break from making your own levels.

In addition, user RAY XIMENES takes a stab at Desert of Despair near the start of the video below:

The central gimmick here is timed spike blocks. It’s a short area that debuts new tools a creator can utilize in Super Mario Maker 2.

Matt is helping ease players to tackle the fresh gizmos on display in SMM2. Hopefully, he will begin to make levels that rival the very worst Celeste throws at gamers. Nothing but C-Sides as far as the eye can see!

Readers, what do you make of these stages made by Celeste‘s creator? Are you itching to download them in the near future? Let us know down below!

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