CrossCode release date for Nintendo Switch to be revealed next week

crosscode release date nintendo switch coming deck13

The publisher of CrossCode, Deck13, has announced that it will be revealing the release date for the game on Nintendo Switch next Tuesday. Last January, it was announced the game would come to Switch with exclusive content. However, nothing has been seen of the console version of the game between then and now, and it seems as though it’s finally ready.

In addition to Nintendo Switch, CrossCode is also coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Hopefully each version will share the same release date, but we shall see soon enough.

Deck13 did offer an explanation as to why it has taken so long for CrossCode to come to consoles. It explained that the game was built using HTML5 and JavaScript, two coding languages that consoles barely support. Instead of rebuilding the game from scratch, a compiler that translates the game’s code into C++ as it loads needed to be created. The publisher adds that its first efforts at a compiler didn’t go in the right direction and it ended up having to be scrapped, losing a whole year of work.

Now though, the game is seemingly almost ready to go live on consoles. Check back next Tuesday for a release date.


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