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A couple weeks ago, we reviewed CrossCode for Nintendo Switch. I wanted to recommend this title to everyone, but instead my advice was to wait a while for a stability patch. It’s an incredible game with an amazing story, fun mechanics, and essentially does everything right. It just didn’t work so great on Switch at launch. However, developer Radical Fish Games and publisher Deck13 have released an update patch today that makes the game damn near perfect.

CrossCode on Switch is the full package after this update patch

The main issue I had with CrossCode was the frame rate. Whenever something happened on screen, there was a noticeable slowdown in the action. Be it starting a battle, particle effects, or NPCs running through the same area you were in, every little thing pushed the Switch to its processing limits. Even things like entering menus on the pause screen had just a little too much lag for my liking. The game also crashed more frequently than any finished product ever should. Twitter posts outline the updates:

The “slowed down menu” and “various Asian character display bugs” were fixed inĀ CrossCode as well.

Upon testing the patch with all the graphical settings at maximum, I’m happy to say that it mostly fixes everything that was previously wrong. The more intense areas still cause a frame to drop here and there, but it’s not constant and almost unnoticeable if you’re not actively looking for it. The menu lag is indeed fixed, and it runs oh so smoothly. I didn’t encounter any crashes, though I wasn’t intentionally trying to make them happen — I’m happy to trust the devs on this one. All in all, CrossCode seems to finally be the game it was always meant to be on Nintendo Switch with this update patch.


Dominick Ashtear

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