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Thanks to Siliconera translating a new article from Famitsu, we know that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition is getting a bunch of extra stuff that the original didn’t have. First and foremost, there will be 13 post-game dungeons for players to explore after the ending. These dungeons will contain brand new equipment, items, and recipes. You’ll need these if you want to get through the post-game content, as it’s supposedly going to be much more difficult than the base game. My friends and I had a hard enough time clearing the game back in the day, so I can’t wait to see how tough these new stages will be. Crystal Memories are another new feature that gets unlocked with these new dungeons. While we’re not sure how this will work, it seems that they’ll allow players to use moves that were previously used by bosses. Sounds like a crazy powerful new way to enjoy the remaster.

The remaster will also feature paid DLC which allows characters to take on the appearance of characters from other Crystal Chronicles games. They’re locked to race/gender combos, so if you want to play as King Leo from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, then you’re limited to playing as a male Clavat. These characters are cosmetic only and will not feature their signature moves from their respective games. They’ll be sold individually or as a bundle. Finally, there will be two weapon sets available – one based on Moogles and one for your inner Goth. There’s one weapon for each race in each set. The packs will be sold separately or in a bundle.

I can’t wait to see what the new Crystal Chronicles dungeons will be like. Additionally, while I’m not super keen on the idea of paid DLC that can potentially overpower your adventurer in a co-op game like this, purely cosmetic outfits featuring characters fans might be fond of is a great idea. Will you be picking any of these DLC packs up? Let us know!

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