Curse of the Sea Rats gets a new trailer to celebrate its Kickstarter launch


The Kickstarter campaign for Curse of the Sea Rats launched today. To kick things off, the game even got a brand new trailer. It shows a little bit of the story, gameplay, and the general themes of what could be if the campaign meets its funding goal. Given that the campaign is already (at the time of writing) at $11,505 of the required $16,690, and it has 31 days to go, it could get fully funded pretty soon. The game will release for all major platforms, including Nintendo Switch, should it reach its funding goal.

Developer Petoons Studio describes Curse of the Sea Rats as a ratoidvania for Metroidvania fans. The end product will feature fully realized 3D environments coupled with beautifully hand-drawn 2D characters. Each of these characters will feature full animations. The story will see players explore a mysterious island, battle with diabolical enemies and intense bosses, and face off against the evil pirate Flora Burn. Set off the coast of Ireland in 1777, it features a completely non-linear world through which players will forge their path.

Curse of the Sea Rats will have four playable characters in the final game. The island will be home to many secrets, including multiple endings. On top of the 12-hour solo campaign, it will also have co-op game modes for up to four players to work through. There will even be deep backstories and intros for each of the playable characters.

Check out the game’s Kickstarter campaign if you’d like to learn more.


Jamie Sharp
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