Friends, were any of you still hungry for more when Smash Bros. Ultimate proclaimed “Everyone is here?” Did you take a look at your Switch Pro Controller and ponder “I love this, but I kinda want it custom-made and feature every single combatant from Ultimate?” If you exclaimed “YES” to either of the above before even reading this sentence, Kickstarter is an option for you. They recently hit their target on creating special accessories for the Smash enthusiasts out there.

A smashing success

The aforementioned Kickstarter crowdfunding project had a starting goal of $7,500. This objective included a special artbook and custom controllers for the roster from Ultimate. However, since gamers are quite an enthusiastic crowd, this goal was eclipsed within four and a half hours. As of now, the project has raked in $28,407. Since players have almost an entire month left to contribute, that figure will undoubtedly balloon to a huge sum of money.

What makes these peripherals so special?

If you are wondering how such an experiment can make so much cash in such a short amount of time, just look at these mock-ups:



Excuse me as I openly weep over these beauties in my office cubicle.

There are various backing options available for this project. If you want a custom controller with a Smash character of your choice adorning it, it’s going to set you back $85, at the cheapest. Any and all information on this Kickstarter can be found here.

I gotta say, some of these designs are absolutely fantastic. I’m having trouble deciding on one controller to obtain, and sincerely wish I could order all of them. Unfortunately, I do not have that kind of moolah. There is one thing I sincerely hope happens, though: Terrifying Jigglypuff gets made exactly how it looks up above.

Fans the world over, what are your thoughts on these custom controllers? Picking any up? Let us know of your choices in the comment field below!

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