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Cyber Gadget is giving Nintendo Switch owners a new, customizable way to play. The company has created two new controllers designed with four customizable macro buttons. Located on the backs of the controllers, the buttons allow their user(s) to reassign their face buttons.

So instead of using the face buttons to execute certain commands, you can use the trigger buttons on the back instead. Not only can you make Mario jump and Link destroy pots with a press of a trigger, you can also use the macro buttons instead of the left stick to move them and other characters. Button layouts are not the only things people can choose; the controllers come in a variety of colors and come either wired or wireless. If you purchase the wireless option it does come with a USB cable so you can charge its battery.

cyber gadget

While Cyber Gadget’s newest controllers will be sold in Japan starting October 31 they can be shipped internationally. Cyber Gadget has also revealed the price of its controllers at ¥ 4,298 which converts to $38. The price, of course, does not account for shipping costs. These are not the first products for Nintendo Switch the company has revealed this Summer. Last month it revealed Switch accessories to add to the level of comfort of the Joy-Con. What types of controllers and accessories would you like to see Cyber Gadget create next? Comment below!


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