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As much as I love visual novels, the average length of games in the genre can sometimes be a little off-putting. It’s pretty daunting to find out that some of the best and most influential games in the genre can clock in at nearly 100 hours. That’s why I end up loving indie visual novels so much. They retain all of the charm and personality of the genre while often clocking in at just under a dozen hours. It’s even better when these games end up coming to the Nintendo Switch so that I can enjoy the reading experience whenever and wherever I want. One particular visual novel coming to the hybrid handheld that I’m excited about is Synergia.

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Developed by Radi Art and published by Top Hat Studios, Synergia is a moody, atmospheric cyberpunk visual novel with a heavy love story angle. Cila is a hardened coup with a hefty amount of anger issues and plenty of disdain for everything and everyone around her. That begins to change one day, though, when a mysterious person replaces her destroyed house droid with a state-of-the-art android named M.A.R.A. out of nowhere. Cila begins to bond with M.A.R.A. like she has with nobody else, but when tech company Velta Labs arrives to claim M.A.R.A. as their own, all hell breaks loose between Cila and the corporation.

Synergia is available right now on Steam, but a press release promises that the game is slated to launch on consoles like Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch later this year.


Miguel Moran
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