On Gaming Enthusiast we have a popular adventure game hub with many lists of adventure game recommendations, such as 10 Best PC Adventure Games. Because of this, we\’ve had a long relationship with Daedalic Entertainment, one of the most prolific names in contemporary adventure game development, reviewing most of their games. This German-based company is known for publishing many famous indie games such as Gemini Rue, Machinarium, and Torchlight 2. (We often say, Daedalic Entertainment is like the modern-day spiritual successor to LucasArts in the height of the point-and-click adventure game era.)

Back in March 2013 I put forward the idea to Daedalic that their humorous and colorful Deponia series, internally-developed, might be a good fit for a Nintendo Wii U audience, as well as the Torchlight series, which they publish. (Deponia is like the modern-day spiritual successor to Monkey Island, in my opinion.) The gears were set in motion in a very small way for future possibilities, with Deponia being the idea that interested them the most. Just last week, I followed up with Daedalic to hear if there were any updates. They shared that they are now licensed developers for Wii U and have just recently received dev kits which they will be experimenting with.

They were quick to note, though, that any potential Wii U releases were still a far ways off because they are currently working to capacity with many other projects. My hope is that one day we get to experience how a point-and-click adventure game would control on the Wii U’s GamePad.

Since 2008, Daedalic has developed 28 games internally and acted as publisher on another 20 games.

Some of their notable titles are:

A New Beginning


Botanicula (published)




The Dark Eye series


Deponia series


Edna and Harvey series


Gemini Rue (published)




Swords & Soldiers (published)


Night of the Rabbit


The Whispered World


Torchlight II (published)



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