Daemon X Machina

This time last E3, Nintendo announced Daemon X Machina, a Marvelous-produced mecha action game coming to the Switch, complete with a wild premise surrounding a fallen moon and society-rebuilding A.I. gone rogue. Nintendo was silent on the game since the February demo, but that silence finally broke today with an E3 2019 trailer!

Daemon X Machina is now locked for launch on September 13, 2019.

However, that’s not all! Nintendo, First Studio, and Marvelous took all of the feedback from players of the February demo to heart. A new comparison trailer highlights some of the changes made in Daemon, with fixes and updates to gameplay, controls, player experience, and UI. Given the like to dislike ratio on the below trailer, it’s safe to say the team behind Daemon did good.

For mech enthusiasts, Daemon X Machina is certainly shaping up more and more to be a high stakes action game worth their time. What are your thoughts on the game? Will you be picking it up come September? Share your opinions with us in the comments.

Jeffrey McDonell
Rare import from Canada, lover of all things video game music and remixes, desk jockey by day, and Nintendo Enthusiast by night. I grew up on Nintendo consoles since the Game Boy Advance and GameCube, with standouts like Sonic, Mario, and Zelda defining my childhood.


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