Daemon X Machina

Last year saw the announcement of Daemon X Machina, as well as a demo of the game. Fans were able to try out the mecha combat for themselves and offer feedback to the developers. The team gratefully took all this into account and have since worked to improve the game. They even released a whole trailer earlier this year highlighting all the changes made thanks to player critiques.


A focus on frames

Through an official Nintendo interview, Kenichiro Tsukada, the producer of Daemon X Machina, has now talked a bit more about the improvements they have made to the game following the demo’s feedback. The interview was distributed for all to read through the Nintendo Switch’s built-in news feed. One item which he specifically addresses is how the team focused on improving the framerate.

“We took all the main points that users brought up. A lot of users mentioned that they wanted a better frame rate. When we released that demo, the game was still early in development and had a lot of adjustments that need to be done. So, it was something that we were actively working on, but when we saw the user feedback we made sure to make that one of our top priorities.”

The interview also discusses various things about Daemon X Machina. These include the game’s art direction, how to make a strong mech, and some information about scaling difficulty.

“Yes, it does get more challenging when you have more players. The number of enemies that you’re fighting doesn’t go up, so you have an advantage in that regard, but they do get stronger.”

Kenichiro Tsukada has also produced the Armored Core franchise. Just a few days ago, we received a short prologue anime for Daemon X Machina produced by Satelight that aims to show off mecha-action roots of the new IP. Daemon X Machina releases Sept 13 as a Switch exclusive.


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