PC Daemon X Machina Steam listing Marvelous XSeed Nintendo Switch exclusive no more

Okie dokie then. A Steam listing for Daemon X Machina from developer Marvelous and publisher XSEED Games has emerged, with the game slated to release on Feb. 13. It has a preorder discount of 20% off, which makes the game $47.99 down from $59.99. Up till now, the slick mech combat title has been a Nintendo Switch exclusive, so seeing it just suddenly appear for PC release on Steam is a surprise.

Daemon X Machina has seen quite good support from Marvelous since launch, receiving various upgrades, extra features, and oddities like Geralt and Ciri from The Witcher. However, the game received a lukewarm critical reception upon its launch for Switch, with a major criticism being levied against the game’s repetitive nature. I finally received the game for Christmas last month, and I can attest to how disappointingly samey it all feels.

Sending Daemon X Machina to Steam makes sense though, as there is no wider player base than PC, and there are probably a lot more hardcore mech fans there. At the very least, the already-attractive game will probably look especially beautiful once unleashed on PC rigs.

Do you think you’d be intrigued to take this mech action for a spin on PC? Unfortunately, it’s a hard pass from me.


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