Daemon X Machina new details

We have just learned a lot more about Marvelous and First Studio’s upcoming mech combat Switch game, Daemon X Machina, courtesy of an interview from Nintendo UK. Nintendo talked with the game’s development lead, Kenichiro Tsukuda, who has previously worked on Armored Core and Fate/EXTELLA series.

In Daemon X Machina, you are an “Outer” who pilots an “Arsenal” mech into combat. Arsenal gear can be customized, and since the mechs move in tandem with human pilots’ movements, the mechs are designed to look like armor a human would wear.

In addition to customization options, you can acquire weapons in real time from enemies, which introduces an organic element to strategic decision-making. Air combat is being emphasized as much as ground combat too, so it sounds like the action will be really varied. Some mech abilities are still being kept under wraps for now though.

The story of the game seems pretty zany. The moon fell at some point, apparently radically changing the earth, so mankind developed AI to help them redevelop society. However–and unsurprisingly–the AI has now gone rogue. Calling itself “Arms of Immortal,” AI has become the enemy of mankind.

Lastly, Daemon X Machina‘s beautiful comic/anime-like appearance is a direct reaction to how so many games are striving for photorealism right now. In order to stand out from the rest of the market, they decided to go stylized with the art, and I’d say they’ve hit a home run. I was intrigued for this game after its E3 reveal, but now I can say I’m sincerely excited to see more of it!

Daemon X Machina is scheduled to launch for Switch some time in 2019. You can watch the game’s E3 reveal trailer again below:

Are you starting to get hyped for Daemon X Machina too? Sound off in the comments!


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