Enigma Archives: Rain Code next danganronpa game

The next game from the Danganronpa team, a dark fantasy mystery game called Enigma Archives: Rain Code, is on the way courtesy of Spike Chunsoft and Tookyo Games. Assembling the same creative force that built the Danganronpa series, the game will boast a story by Kazutaka Kodaka, characters from Rui Komatsuzaki, and music from Masafumi Takada.

Very little is known about Enigma Archives: Rain Code at this time, other than the fact that the game will feature a young boy, a young girl, and plenty of ghosts. We know nothing further about the game’s premise, release date, or even its planned platforms, but we of course hope to see the next game from the Danganronpa team appear on Switch.

While we may need to wait a while before we can check out Enigma Archives: Rain Code, we can still look forward to Danganronpa Decadence appearing on the Switch this December, making all three main games in the series playable on a Nintendo system for the first time.

Have you played any of the games in the Danganronpa series, and are you excited to play the next game from that development team? Let us know in the comment section below.


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