Dark Gravity Korgorus Ultimate Games S.A. shmup like Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun

The shoot ’em up/”shmup” genre lends itself very well to experimentation and iteration because such games often aren’t very long. Just crank out an hour or two of stellar gameplay with a unique gimmick and online scoreboards and you’re good to go. Of course, developing said “stellar gameplay” is actually really difficult, but I’m glad developers keep giving it the old college try. Polish indie developer Korgorus and publisher Ultimate Games S.A. have announced shmup Dark Gravity for Steam in Q4 2020 and afterward for Nintendo Switch. The game is said to be influenced by Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga.

Korgorus is aiming for “a high level of difficulty, a nonlinear campaign mode, and large amounts of enemies and bosses.” They especially emphasize how important difficulty is to them in their press release, saying, “The higher the (difficulty) level, the more the challenges, new enemies, new bosses, and additional secrets.” Additionally, Dark Gravity will have “17 highly diversified missions, 34 bosses, 8 fighter jets, and a whole lot of additional elements,” and fighter jets will enjoy some degree of customization.

Dark Gravity is set after World War 5, so the developer clearly envisions an incredibly pessimistic trajectory for humanity’s future. But in any case, the game looks promising with its clean, low-poly art style and lofty ambitions. Stay tuned for more updates on Dark Gravity in 2020.


John Friscia
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