From the city of Los Angeles and two indie creators comes a fun and unique take on a favorite pastime. From Dark Roast Games comes a strategy laden card game called Lucadian Chronicles. This is a free demo to play, and by purchasing the DLC for $7.99 it will unlock the full game. This game has over 100 cards in which you can do battle and with just a few hours of game play I was quite pleased at what I was playing.

When I first loaded the game the first thing that enticed me was the amazing music that played through my speakers. Even my wife who was in the other room asked what that was and she said it was quite soothing and I would have to agree. When the menu appeared there was a simple and easy to use selection screen from which you can choose from 5 different categories as well as use gold, post to Miiverse, and an option menu.


The first one I choose to do was the campaign mode. This brought you to a very simple but beautiful map layout which you select the first card floating and start the tutorial to the game. It starts out with dialogue between the characters and you soon find that you’re looking for someone to join your fight. So as you play and progress you will have goals within each fight such as beat opponents in 5 rounds or have a fighter unscathed during battle. You will also obtain more cards as you go and this is where I found the game to be quite interesting. Before battle you can choose up to 5 cards to battle with, cards can be single or dual color and can be place in front or in the back changing the strategy of the fight. The colors subsequently can only be place next to like colors so if you had a green black card and put it in the middle slot you could place a green or black to its right or left and if that card is a certain color it will also affect the cards that can be placed on the ends. This aspect was really interesting because of who you place in the middle. Then once cards are selected you start the battle and it will auto fight for you and then proceed with the outcome. At first I thought, \”I don’t get to choose what to do in battle!\” but as I played more of the game it became challenging and fun. This mode was helpful in learning the basics but the Almanac menu was key to learning a little more strategy.

Within the almanac you will have sub menus such as character cards with bio and art that you unlock when you receive that card and within the tutorials menu it helped me learn a bit more strategy and placement of the cards. For instance I had a card called the Cactus Bull and learned that its special ability allows this card to receive a +1/ +1 bonus for each creature or plant you have additionally out on the battlefield. Knowing this change what cards I placed along side it.


In the coliseum menu you can take part in a league which you create a combination of cards and submit it to see how well they fight against other cards and you can win coins for your victories. The other option is to take part in the daily challenge which you have a set amount of times you can beat the AI and win coins and cards.

In the lab portion of this game you can test your cards against your cards and witness how well a team your assembled will fair against another set of cards and I was fairly surprised at how certain cards I didn\’t think would do well actually won.

The last menu is labeled draft and rightly so, for if you have played card games such as Magic the Gathering, you will definitely be a fan of this option. I was luckily able to play against another person since this is either a 2 or 4 player online game. You select 12 cards back and forth between the other players, once you\’ve picked you have a limited amount of time to assemble a 5 card team. the object is to win two games and upon doing so I was awarded coins, a card, and some brag points.\"photo_2[1]\"

Other features within this game are of course Miiverse, which will serve as a variety of functions from hints to drawings. The Wii U GamePad allows you to double tap to magnify words and if you tap the card it will reveal its special ability if applicable. Also the GamePad is the center of what is happening in the game. Within Draft mode if your opponent is taking their sweet time you can go back into story mode and play until they are ready.

Overall this game has a good hardy and solid foundation in which it was built. With great art, strategy and music Lucadian Chronicles will likely be a card fan-favorite. Though at times loading was a bit slow, music was repetitive, and during dialogue interactions, music or sound was absent, this game made me want more. I definitely would recommend it to any one who plays card based or strategy influenced games. My only hope is that enough people will play and like the game so possibly some DLC can come out in the future. Great job Dark Roast Games!

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