Darksiders Genesis Switch steelcase up for preorder contains no game

Darksiders Genesis steelcase for Switch up for preorder, has no game

It’s now possible to preorder a Darksiders Genesis steelcase collectible, but there’s a catch. While this case will look very nice next to all of your other physical editions, this doesn’t come with a game cartridge. It is strictly an attractive steelcase case, end of story. This is essentially for people who just want to put the game cartridge they already own in a nicer new case.

A number of Switch games have launched without physical Switch cartridges, containing a digital download code instead. Some publishers have changed their tune due to fan feedback, as Private Division did with The Outer Worlds, but this really is a first.

Currently you can preorder the Darksiders Genesis steelcase over on Amazon for $15.37, and to be honest it really doesn’t seem like it’s worth it. Even the product description has a hard time of justifying why this exists at all:

  • High quality collectible Darksiders steel case
  • Useable with any Nintendo Switch cartridge. It Doesn’t even have to be Darksiders, you can make any game look like it’s Darksiders!
  • “It’s not ‘death’ You should fear.” – war, Darksiders
  • “Damnit, I got Blood on my boots!” – strife, Darksiders Genesis

We thought that Darksiders Genesis was pretty good in our review. The camera and frame rate aren’t perfect, but there’s a lot of fun gameplay to be found for those who want to dive in. I don’t think the same can be said for this steelcase though.


Jamie Sharp
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