Do you like to play darts, but don\’t want to stop playing your Nintendo 3DS? Well, Darts Up 3D might just be a solution to your little problem. But then the question becomes, is it any fun to play and is it for you? Well, I might just have an answer to that question for you.

One of the main features of the game is the usage of the 3DS’s internal gyroscopes to control and aim your darts as thrown. I found this was a nice usage of the system to greatly line up shots accurately compared to past methods of using a swipe method on the touch screen of shooting off darts. The only downside to this, is that it becomes a little to easy to get bulls eyes. So at times I did find the game unchallenging and rather easy. Aiming at anything else on the board however will at least make things more interesting as it doesn\’t make it as easy as aiming at middle of the screen.


The visuals and useage of the gyroscopes for the game is actually quite impressive. I liked the ability to not only aim with the 3Ds to accurately place my shots, but also the ability to do a full circle rotation in any direction to look around the room. The active room with people playing billards, bowling, and arcade machines was a nice touch to the atmosphere. You couldn\’t actually intereact with anything around you, but was a nice addition to the visuals.

If you\’re into darts and looking for an on-the-go game to play darts, this is the game for you. If you are not so much into the game of darts, you might find this game boring. In truth, although the gyroscope aiming makes the game more interesting, it does make the game a good bit easier and takes away some of the challenge. All in all, those looking for a dart game might enjoy this little virtual dart game.


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