dauntless reforged update phoenix labs hunting grounds gliders new progression system slayer's path

It’s been almost a year since developer Phoenix Labs launched its free-to-play action RPG, Dauntless, on Nintendo Switch. As the one-year anniversary on the platform approaches, the developer is delivering a new content update. Dauntless Reforged launches Dec. 3, and it sounds like quite the overhaul for Dauntless.

Dauntless Reforged introduces new gameplay systems to the game’s open-world levels, providing some variety for players who’ve been on the Dauntless train since launch. The developer is also overhauling the game’s progression system, along with story elements, with the Slayer’s Path. The Slayer’s Path is an “all-new branching progression system that lets you dictate your path through the Shattered Isles.” Weapon tiers are additionally being revamped, and weapon skill levels are being implemented, as a news update explains.

dauntless reforged update phoenix labs hunting grounds gliders new progression system slayer's path

It sounds like a bit of a reset for Dauntless then, and it’ll be interesting to see what gets added and if anything is removed or “vaulted.”

The studio behind the game is expanding too. Phoenix Labs has established two new studios in Montreal and Los Angeles. The two new teams have been created to not only support the main Vancouver studio, but also to make brand new games.

What form those games will take remains to be seen. Phoenix Labs says multiple game prototypes are underway at the various new development studios, but it’s still early days. Dauntless itself carries a lot of Monster Hunter in its overall concept and structure, and it’ll be interesting to see if Phoenix Labs follows Capcom’s lead in building out the IP. If so, we could see spin-offs, platform exclusives, and more.

Dauntless Reforged arrives Dec. 3 on Nintendo Switch and all its other platforms.

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