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Brazilian developer Minimol Games and publisher QUByte Interactive have released Daylife in Japan on Nintendo Switch, retailing for $3.99 but launching for an even cheaper $1.99. It is a tiny, simple game about assembling five jigsaw puzzles that are actually animated pixel images, which complicates things a bit. There are five levels of difficulty as well, and the game comes with “original music.” More specifically, I watched its trailer for like two seconds before I was instantly transported to the mystical, chill universe that is lo-fi hip hop beats. I don’t know if the whole soundtrack sounds like that, but I certainly hope that’s the case.

That’s basically everything there is to say about Daylife in Japan on Nintendo Switch. Minimol Games has seemingly delivered a bite-sized, cheap experience that might be the most tranquil thing you play all month. I’m actually contemplating grabbing this one, because it’s hard to go wrong at that price. Plus, lo-fi hip hop beats combined with jigsaw puzzles just feels right, in retrospect.

If you’re in the market for more serene, low-intensity experiences on Switch after Daylife in Japan, then maybe check out Half Past Fate, a slice-of-life romantic comedy that will leave you feeling pretty good about the world.

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