In a few days, it will be Halloween. Kids will get candy and head to their closest retailer to purchase Luigi’s Mansion 3. But what about those gamers who are stuck with the original NES, never following the advancement of technology? While they will not be able to play the title, they can get a rough idea of what the original GCN game might have looked like on older hardware. The video game blog Nintendo Wire put together a video that reimagines the spooky title as an NES game de-make.

It’s a very convincing de-make that I would love to own!

Check out the impressive clip below:

There are some great music and sprite work involved in this project. The cutscenes are also amazing, though not as good as the ones from Monster Party. And the switch to the first-person view for combat is a stroke of genius. I almost thought Jason from Friday the 13th was going to pop out.

Fellow gamers, would you buy a de-make of Luigi’s Mansion for the NES in 2019? Will you be procuring a copy of the third installment on Thursday? Let us know the answers to these burning questions in the comment field below.

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