Dead Cells Bestiary Update coming to Switch soon


Twin Motion recently released Dead Cells: The Bad Seed. The latest update to the game added new areas filled with new enemies to fight and weapons to kill them with. Now the developer is bringing yet more content to the game in the form of the Dead Cells Bestiary Update.

You might have thought that enough new content has just been added to the game, but you’d be wrong. Here’s a brief overview of the new things that are coming in the Dead Cells Bestiary Update:

  • Six new enemies, three of which are biome-specific, with the other three able to appear in any biome
  • 11 new affixes to active skills. These include eight new normal affixes, one of which returns all of your arrows after using a skill, and three starred affixes. Starred affixes are the more powerful variant.
  • A crowbar is being added to the game. This weapon will be fast and brutal and obviously break objects everywhere.
  • A new item in the form of a Portable Door is also being added. Don’t get too excited; it’s just a shield that can also stun.
  • Three new outfits are being added to the game, two of which are associated with The Bad Seed DLC.
  • Finally, with many of the secrets in The Bad Seed DLC now found, Motion Twin is adding a few more.

Dead Cells hasn’t stopped growing since it launched in 2017. The game offers dozens of hours of replayability and is incredibly simple to pick up and play for long or short sessions, made all the easier on the Nintendo Switch. Signature Edition Games has an upcoming Prisoner’s Edition of the game for any collectors out there. While this edition is quite expensive, it packs in all the previously launched paid DLC and even a figurine of the protagonist.


Jamie Sharp
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