Dead Cells: Fatal Falls DLC expansion 2 second DLC Evil Empire Motion Twin teaser trailer roguelike 3.5 million units sold

Motion Twin and Evil Empire have revealed a new major DLC expansion for their massive hit roguelike: Dead Cells: Fatal Falls. It is the 22nd major update for the game yet only the second paid DLC, and it will cost $4.99 when it arrives sometime early in 2021. Dead Cells: Fatal Falls will include a new boss and two new biomes, The Fractured Shrines and The Undying Shores, which are “parallels to the ‘Stilt Village,’ ‘Clock Tower,’ and ‘Time Keeper’ areas and their alternate paths.” New weapons will all also be added, with details to come in the future. You can get a quick taste in the teaser trailer below.

To date, Dead Cells has sold an incredible 3.5 million copies, in part due to the steady stream of content and quality-of-life updates provided by Motion Twin and Evil Empire. The first major DLC for the game released earlier this year with The Bad Seed, which added new areas and content of its own. Dead Cells: Fatal Falls seems poised to just keep delivering more of what the game’s fan base loves, so all the ducks seem to be in a row here.

Are you one of the 3.5 million owners of this title? In all honesty, I’ve never played it, and it’s possible that I’ve only played one roguelike in my entire life.

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