dead cells barrels o fun

It’s been just about two years since the initial release of Dead Cells on Steam. Since then, the roguelike platforming action game has taken the world by storm and become a hit on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Developer MotionTwin has developed a number of significant content updates for the game over the years. While one of them was a paid expansion titled The Bad Seed, many of the updates released for the game have been free of charge. The latest one is no exception, as MotionTwin has announced that the free DLC update Barrels o’ Fun is set to hit the game on all consoles this summer.

Barrels o’ Fun takes you to a brand new biome called The Derelict Distillery, featuring sights and sounds unlike anything else in the game. Of course, with a new Dead Cells biome comes plenty of new enemies, from giant foes flinging explosive barrels at you to cruel mimics disguising themselves as barrels. There’s a lot of barrel action in this update, and it even extends to the weapons. You’ve got a brand new barrel launcher, a bazooka-style weapon that can send explosive barrels flying into enemies. These barrels can even destroy walls within the environment, creating deadly hazards and new pathways.


Miguel Moran
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